28.09.2000, 10.00–13.00 & 15.00-18.00

WS1 Dipl. Psych. Maarten Aalberse (English)

Shame, Sexuality and Integrity

In this workshop I’d like to create a space where we can share our doubts and resources, as we focus on the following questions: Why is (probably) no aspect of our lives so associated with shame as our sexuality? What are the consequences of overgeneralized sexual shame, and how do these manifest in intra-therapeutic and extra-therapeutic relationships? How desirable is shameless sexuality? What could be a “healthy sense of shame”, how can that be accessed and supported, and how can that enrich mature intimacy? How can shame about desire help to communicate desire in a way that respects the integrity of oneself, the other and the relationship? If integrity in sexuality is communing as a whole self to a whole other, how can we help ourselves and our clients to heal splits and move from conflicting desires to more complex, more embracing, more graceful desires? How does the way, in which the primal scene is symbolized, shape the therapeutic relationship and vice versa? And, maybe most important of all, how can we manage the erotic (counter) transference so that the therapeutic relationship can become a symbolic intercourse that respects and deepens the integrity of both partners?

Dipl. Psych. Dr. Maarten Aalberse, klinischer Psychologe und Körperpsychotherapeut, Trainer und Supervisor. Cesson (F).