28.09.2000, 10.00–13.00 & 15.00-18.00

WS5 David Mann (English)

Working with the Erotic Transference and Counter Transference

From a psychoanalytic perspective this workshop explores the particular features of working with and in the erotic transference and counter transference in the therapeutic setting.
The erotic transference includes those sexual feelings the patient projects or invests in the psychoanalyst. The erotic counter transference includes the erotic feelings the psychoanalyst has about, and towards, the patient. The workshop aims to explore ways of understanding the meaning of sexual feelings raises for the progress of the psychotherapy. We will explore how these feelings can be an important source of information and how we can make use of this information to help the patient.
This one day workshop consists of work in small and large groups; work in pairs and creative visualizations. Participants will be expected to bring examples of their work that is relevant to the discussion.

David Mann, B.Sc. (Hons), Dipl. Ath., psychoanalytischer Psychotherapeut, Vorsitzender des „Maidstone Psychotherapy Service“ in Kent. London (GB).