Sa7 Bill Diepeveen  Ebene 8 KR 28

Workshops am Sa. den 15. 9. 2001 von 13.30 - 15.15 Uhr:

Sa7 Bill Diepeveen  Ebene 8 KR 28

Zusammenführen: Eine Wende bei Entscheidungsprozessen zwischen Gemeinden
Pulling together: a new era in intermunicipal decision-making

The workshop will focus on giving participants a through understanding of the framework and operating parameters of Alberta’s Intermunicipal dispute Resolution initiative. The initiative, which has been operational for two years, provides mediation services to local municipalities who are in dispute with each other. It addresses issues related to land use planning, annexation, revenue sharing regional waste management initiatives and regional reviews of governance.
Specifically the session will address topics related to setting up a roster of mediators, convening the mediation and bringing local politicians to the table, mentoring new mediators, funding and dispute resolution training for municipal leaders.