Fr7 Gerald Monk Ph.D. (USA), Dr. Wolfgang Miller (A)

Workshops Kongress / Congress

Fr. 26. 9. 2003, 14.00-16.00

Fr7 Gerald Monk Ph.D. (USA), Dr. Wolfgang Miller (A)

Mediation auf den Kopf gestellt: Von Interesse geleitete Mediation zur kultursensitiven Mediation
Mediation from the outside in: Moving from interest-based to culture-based mediation

This workshop presents a narrative perspective on mediation. It involves a simple and yet profound departure from commonly held assumptions about the conflicts that embroil people. It proposes that people live their lives according to stories rather than according to inner drives or interests. It privileges stories and the meanings within stories over facts and causes. When we work with people to overcome the divisiveness of a conflict, we find it more productive to work with the stories in which the conflict is embedded rather than to respond to interests and intrapsychic needs. From a narrative perspective, conflict stories are socially and culturally constructed. These conflict stories come to dominate other stories and shape the power relations between the parties within the conflict.  Working from a narrative perspective places the cultural world, and power relations within it, at the center of the process of mediation rather than as an afterthought on the outside.

Gerald Monk Ph.D. School Director Counselling Program at San Diego State University, Professor at the University of Waikato New Zealand
Dr. Wolfgang Miller ist Rechtsanwalt und Mediator