Sa2 Peter Emerson (IR)

Workshops Kongress / Congress

Sa. 27. 9. 2003, 13.30-15.15

Sa2 Peter Emerson (IR)

Konsensorientierte Entscheidungsprozesse
Consensus decision-making

Democracy should not be a contest in wich a majority is then able to dominate a majority; rather, it should be the means by wich society or, in a representative democracy, ist parliament, comes to a collective agreement. Such cannot be identified by a majority vote. A verbal and/or votal consensus can, however, be found via a multi-option decision-making process. The workshop will discuss a number of different methodologies, in order to determine wich is the most accurate and therefore the most democratic form of decision-making.

Peter Emerson is the son of an Irish protestant father and an English catholic mother; Director of the de Borda Institute